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“Warning! This series may change your life

Presenting host and Grammy® award –winning musician and guitarist Carlos Santana along with spiritual host, Phil Cousineau, take you on a journey of discovery as “Global Spirit Season 2” hits our screens.

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Do you ever ask yourself who we are? Where do we come from? And how are we all connected? Is there a God or a higher power?

Following the success of “Global Spirit Season 1”, hosted by British actor John Cleese and watched by more than five million people, “Global Spirit Season 2" is about to hit the air.

Spiritual host, Phil Cousineau will be joined in this unique 12-part TV series by some of the nations most respected philosophers and scientists to explore, discover and reflect on the world we live in and how we are all connected.

“Warning! This series may change your life,” said John Cleese.

The second season of "Global Spirit," takes a deeper look at our spiritual exploration and reflection. Considered to be an "internal travel" series,

"Global Spirit Season 2" stimulates deep thoughts among its viewers through the insightful and emotional depths of conversation. Philosophers, teachers, academics, spiritual guides, indigenous shamans, and others of all different belief systems, discuss their wisdom, traditions, and knowledge from around the world. They come together to discuss the underlying idea that we all share - Oneness. Throughout the program, higher consciousness and the essence of wisdom is unearthed, and deeper truths are uncovered through translations of sacred text and ancient insights.

Cousineau says, "From different topics and discussions, 'meaning is revealed in moments of understanding about our deepest values, the revelation of purpose, and on the highest level of destiny itself.'" While watching the program, we are brought forward to understand different forms, types, and levels of meaning. It is created to provoke further conversation about these topics, and elicit deeper thinking.”

Love, community, indigenous wisdom, the power of storytelling, oneness, sacred ecology, and spiritual renewal - concepts that are fundamental in our daily lives - are examined in a way like no other. The series intertwined compelling film segments with informed philosophical and studio conversations to lead viewers on a journey of spiritual exploration with those from around the world.

Distributed by American Public Television (APT) season two of “Global Spirit” debuts on public television stations nationwide beginning August 3rd.

There will also be same-day live internet streaming webcast link-up events furthering the conversation amongst viewers and special guests at 6pm PST/9pm EST.

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