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Actress Kerry Cahill to Host the Veterans Oscars

Actress Kerry Cahill best known for her roles in “Terminator” and “The Walking Dead” will host the AMVETS Silver Helmet Awards.

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The American Veteran, Inc (AMVETS) announced in 2016 that Cahill would take on the role as its national spokesperson. Cahill’s father a veteran was shot six times during the Fort Hood, Texas shooting in 2009. He was an advocate for mental health services for veterans in the military.

Cahill says, her passion for helping soldiers stems from the work her carried out by her father. "It’s a real honor to be a part of this organization. It allows me to help soldiers and contribute to raising awareness of the work that AMVETS does nationwide,” says Cahill.

The Silver Helmet Awards are the most prestigious awards handed out by the organization. The award itself is a replica of the World War II helmet and has become known over the years as the “Veterans Oscar.”

AMVETS is the largest and oldest service organization that fights for the rights of all veterans and their families. Its mission is to improve the lives of all veterans who have served their country. With more than 250,000 members

“This award ceremony takes places yearly, and I am excited to be the master of ceremonies. This award is a big deal, former winners of the award include former presidents such as Harry S. Truman back in 1958 and Eisenhower in 1959. More recently Pope Paulo V1 received the peace award in 1981. This ceremony is steeped in history and recognizes those individuals who work hard for our nation’s veterans, “adds Cahill. The AMVETS Silver Helmet Awards ceremony recognizes excellence and outstanding accomplishment in the fields of Americanism, defense, rehabilitation, congressional and civil service.

Cahill is set to hit the big screen in “Thank you for your service” later this year. A powerful movie that looks at how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects American servicemen and women returning home from war. “We lose too many veterans through suicide and the effects of PTSD. This movie will help to raise awareness and hopefully convince more veterans to come forward for help. Battling depression and PTSD is something nobody can do by themselves. It's like I always say. They fought for us; now we fight for them.”

On a lighter note Cahill says she hopes there be no blunders when it comes to announcing the winners as with the recent Hollywood Oscars. “ I am looking forward to my first Silver Helmet Awards I just hope I keep all the envelopes in the right order.”

The awards will take place in Alexandria, Virginia on March 10th. For more information on the awards and AMVETS you can check out their website here

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