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This Poll Quiz Will Determine Which 3 Egg Dishes Are God Tier

We're not yolking when we say this is probably the most important thing you will do today.

The tier meme is used to rank things in terms of how good they are. The worst things are low tier, then mid tier, followed by top tier, and finally god tier, which is reserved for the best of the best.

This democratic poll quiz asks you to vote for your single favourite egg dish. The three egg dishes with the biggest percentage of the public's vote will be crowned winners and will graduate into the all-hallowed halls of the god tier.

Not only are they tasty but eggs are also an eggcellent source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. No matter what dish you voted for, you should always look out for the British Lion Eggs mark when buying your eggs. Visit for more inspiring recipe ideas.

All images courtesy of Getty / iStock