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10 Water Infusions That Will Quench Your Deep Thirst

Grab some fresh fruits and veggies, a little ice, and a lot of water to make these tasty creations. Enjoy these refreshing infusions with water filtered fresh by Brita®.

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First things first:

• For all of these infusions, you're going to need a large pitcher with a lid, filtered water, and ice if desired.

• Combine desired amount of ingredients (cut into small chunks and slices) in a pitcher, then cover with water until full.

• Allow beverage to infuse in the fridge for at least a couple of hours to achieve maximum flavor, although letting it sit overnight will provide the best results!

• Serve over ice! And when you've finished it all, don't be afraid to refill with fresh water at least one more time before starting over with new fruits and veggies.

1. The Classic:

2. The Palate Cleanser:

3. Your Spicy Aunt Ginger:

4. The Calm-down Comedown:

5. The Green Reset:

6. The Daily Refresh:

7. Basil Knows Best:

8. The Sweet and Sour:

9. The Spa Delight:

10. Antioxidant Bliss:

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