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13 Things Everyone Has Secretly Done When Working Out

Whatever you do at the gym, don't let thirst get in the way of a good workout! With great-tasting water from a Brita pitcher, you'll always be hydrated and ready to rock the gym!

1. Spent more time taking gym selfies than actually working out.

2. Accidentally touched your lips to the water fountain because you were dazed from working out so hard.

3. Raced the person on the treadmill next to you without them knowing.

4. Lost count during reps and assumed you were done.

5. Paid way too much for bottled water because you forgot to bring your own.

6. Worn the same workout outfit for three days knowing you probably smelled.

7. Pretended to stretch midworkout when you actually just needed to catch your breath.

8. Checked someone out and totally got caught.

9. Made a fool out of yourself because you didn't know how to use a machine.

10. Slacked off during a group class but pretended to work hard when the teacher was looking.

11. Made up your own workout and hoped no one would ask what you were doing.

12. Copied someone else's workout because they had a trainer.

13. Worked out for 15 minutes just to justify a long sauna session.

With a Brita pitcher, you'll never have to overpay for water or use the sweat-covered water fountain at the gym again!