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10 Ways Your Standards Are Lowered After 12 A.M.

Come on, you know what we're talking about. Brisk Bodega knows all about your late-night food cravings, because that’s Brisk, baby.

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1. You eat everything in sight, no matter where it's been.

2. You can't take your eyes off those amazing informercials.

3. You convince yourself that you don't need to put more quarters in.

Vera Yu and David Li/CC BY http://2.0/Flickr: yummy-porky

4. You think all food combinations are good food combinations.

Via BuzzFeed

5. You sleep anywhere and in any position.

6. You aren't very nice to your friends.

7. You believe that all dirty dishes should stay in the sink, obviously.

8. You don't brush your teeth.

9. You watch any terrible movie or TV show if the remote is across the room.

10. And you embrace the rule that eating pounds of cheese doesn't count when it's dark out.