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19 People Told Us The Unfortunate Things That Happened On Their Family Vacations

"My brother got bitten in the balls by a crab and it latched onto him."


Can You Guess Which Country Doesn't Have These Popular Fast-Food Chains?

In a shock to no one, the United States has all of them.


22 Creepy Hotels That Probably Have Ghosts

Okay, we don't *know* if they're actually haunted, but looking at them, you can't tell me you doubt it...💀

A Beginner’s Guide To The Main Streets In Brooklyn, NYC

Sure, you want to visit Brooklyn, New York City. But which Brooklyn, or which part of Brooklyn, do you want to see?

Disney Parks’ Star Tours Will Be Taking Us To A New "The Rise Of Skywalker" Planet

May the Force be with us 'cause it looks like we're going to get a close up view of the remains of the Death Star II!

24 Facts That Will Completely Alter Your Perspective Of London

Watch out for those underground mosquitos.


11 Things That Perth And Sydney Do The Same And 11 That Are Completely Different

Perth = quokkas, Sydney = bin chickens. Enough said.


24 Super-Creepy Places In The US You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

I bet you can't make it through all these terrifying stories.

Here's The Best Mac And Cheese In Every State, According To Yelp

Not to be ~cheesy,~ but I'm like rly hungry now.


There Are 1,165 Commercial Airlines In The World, Can You Name 20 Of Them?

Our flight time this evening will be 5 minutes. Don't set your phone to airplane mode just yet.

14 Of The Best Ice Cream Spots In NYC

It was excruciating on my sweet tooth to put this post together.

Take The Oregon Trail, But In Your Car And In 2019

But no one's dying of dysentery and we're crossing rivers on bridges.

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