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Here're 16 Ways Totally Middle-Class People Find Cheap Flights

Save yourself money for the in-flight snacks.


Plan A Road Trip In 8 Steps And We'll Reveal The Name Of Your Summer Fling

BRB, gotta blast "Life Is a Highway" before taking this quiz.


We Tried Extreme Heights Activities In Las Vegas

“We’ve got a defibrillator, so you’re gonna be fine.”

19 Mistakes All Tourists Make Around The World

Read this before your next vacation. H/T Quora


Here's What A $1 Million Home Looks Like In All 50 States

Spoiler: a whole lotta square footage in Arkansas, not so much in New York.


17 Travel Bags That Aren't A Pain In The Butt To Carry

We're talking super lightweight, easy-to-use, and spacious suitcases, bags/totes, and backpacks, 'cause annoying luggage is the last thing you need to worry about!

25 Things Uber And Lyft Drivers Are Sick And Tired Of Dealing With

"People have tried to send their 3-5 year old kids via Lyft to their other parent's house alone."

20 Taprooms Every Beer-Lover Must Visit In The Twin Cities

Get your craft beer fix from Minneapolis–St. Paul to its surrounding cities and suburbs.

These Pictures Of American Malls In The 1980s Are Actually Incredible

I can't believe these pictures are real TBH.


10 Straight-Up Lies Every Tourist Tells About NYC On Instagram

Basically, everything is 100 times more crowded than it looks on Instagram.

14 Wild Things Flight Attendants Have ACTUALLY Experienced On The Job

"When she finally quieted down, I think everyone in the cabin was relieved — until we realized she had started CHOKING."

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