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    10 Moments From Popular Teen Movies That Were Simply Unrealistic

    Troy Bolton got accepted into Juilliard with no musical theater experience!

    The talent show from Mean Girls

    Four girls are dressed in Santa hats, tops, and skirts, while posing on a stage
    Paramount Pictures

    While it's kind of an iconic scene, all of the characters sang inappropriate songs or wore clothes that would have never been allowed in high school. If dress codes have rules about showing your shoulders, how could the Plastics have gotten away with what they wore?

    Olive's plan in Easy A

    Emma Stone is posing in a hallway with "A" written on her shirt and a pair of sunglasses in hand
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    While I'm talking about dress codes, Easy A was totally unrealistic. Also, I would like to think that some adult would have learned that Olive was taking money in exchange for spreading rumors. She wasn't that discreet.

    The dance scene from Easy A

    Two teens stand together under a spotlight while leaning on each other and smiling
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    How did Olive manage to hijack an entire school assembly?

    The camera scene from High School Musical

    Three boys are leaning on a table, capturing someone on camera

    How could Troy not see the GIANT camera that his friends were putting up and using to record him? Huh?

    Cher and Josh from Clueless

    Cher and Josh are sitting on the steps, looking like they're about to kiss
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    They were so mean to each other through 95% of the movie and never saw eye to eye. Not to mention the fact that they're kind of like siblings. How does it make sense that they end up together?

    The song from 10 Things I Hate About You

    Heath Ledger is standing on a stage while holding a mic and singing

    Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but no high school boy would go that far out of his way for a girl he liked.

    The entire plot of Sierra Burgess is a Loser


    She talked to her "boyfriend" over the phone but used her friend to pose as her while she watched their dates. Need I say more?

    The ski trip from To All The Boys I've Loved Before

    A teen boy is sitting in a hot tub with his arms leaning against the edge as he faces a character who's not revealed

    I can understand the rest of the movie as being plausible, but there were almost no adults on this trip. Also, what kind of budget does this school have to be able to afford that giant lodge for an entire weekend?

    The Burn Book scene from Mean Girls

    Regina George is walking down a hallway, throwing papers in the air
    Paramount Pictures

    It was a stroke of genius for Regina to blame the book on Cady, but all of the teachers seemed to know that Regina was a bully. How come no one suspected her?

    Finally, Troy's college plan in High School Musical: Senior Year

    Troy is dressed in a graduation gown looking straight ahead

    His dad wanted him to go to the University of Albuquerque. He got accepted into Juilliard (after having almost no musical theater experience). And yet, Troy chose to go to the University of California at Berkeley in order to be closer to his girlfriend. What? Honestly, I'm shocked that Troy and Gabriella still want to be together after breaking up in every. single. movie.