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Student Sells Haunted Mirror On eBay

One guy tried to get this delivered to his ex-girlfriend.

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'The mirror was up in the entrance hallway of the building we live in, which houses 10 flats. We have no idea of the mirror's history, which only adds to the mystery of it all, really. This building has housed a lot of ex-offenders straight out of jail, and is a known address to local police. It would not surprise if I was to learn there had been some kind of violence acted out in front of the mirror, possibly with a fatal result.

This is all merely speculation though.

In the first six days of the ebay listing, we got about 300 views, which at the time I was impressed with. However I woke up the following morning to see it was at 16,000, and it then grew to about 30,000 by the end of the auction. I was very surprised. I knew by the item description it would garner some interest, but I honestly never anticipated the level of attention it received.

The mirror received one bid only on eBay for the asking price of £100. However, there was a huge amount of interest from another party who wanted to negotiate a private deal for a very generous sum of money to have the mirror shipped to him. I reached an agreement with the original buyer, and will be shipping the mirror to the private buyer at the start of next month, after receiving full payment for it.

Currently, the mirror remains up in our flat.

The scratches occurred on two separate occasions. Once on my lower back on the right hand side (these are the photos that accompany the listing) and once running down my left leg. The first time I got the scratches, I woke up with a burning sensation down my back, and after much tossing and turning decided to check it out in the mirror, at which point I noticed the red raw scratches. The second incident occurred one or two nights after listing the mirror online, after I suffered terrible nightmares.'

'There are pictures I took in the mirror of what some people might describe as 'orbs'. I also photographed the state I found the bathroom in one morning after hearing a loud bang, the shaving can headfirst down the toilet and a tub of sudocrem strewn out across the floor. Unfortunately I can't send you these photos as I've signed an exclusive deal with a particular magazine. However when the magazine is published, I will gladly show them to anyone interested.

'We listed the item at £100 starting price, as my flat mate had previously been offered £100 to buy it from him, and it seemed silly to let it go for any less. Also, we wanted to buy a (non Haunted) mirror to put in its place following the sale of it, so felt that would help some towards it. I didn't feel the need to get a 'professional' opinion, as I listed very openly my views and experiences with the mirror in the listing. People can draw their own conclusions from that. If they believe me, that's great, if they don't, that's fine also.

I've always been interested in ghosts, in the past even played about with ouija boards, but nothing of this particular nature had ever really happened to me before. I feel I personally have witnessed the most activity, though spending a lot of time here, around the mirror, on my own is probably the reason for that.'

- as told to Abha Shah

To check out the full description of the freaky deaky mirror, stick this in your address bar, lay out some fresh undergarments, and brace yourself. You won't look at shiny surfaces the same way ever again:

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