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10 Things Known All Too Well By Wattpad Writers

No, we don't all write dirty fanfiction...

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2. No, I am not going to shout out your book.

Do you honestly think that I made it by asking users to advertise my stuff on their profiles? And don't even get me started on users just posting advertisements on my page and books without telling or asking me.

5. When someone mentions to you that your book is similar to someone else's book.

Why? Why? That is literally my only question. Do these people just find some sort of joy of making me angry? I mean, time after time, you hear it. Why, why, why?

6. "Why haven't you updated?"

Let me tell you a little story. One day, there was a writer and she thought to herself, "What am I going to do today?" As she walked down the sidewalk, she realized the most obvious thing!

Could you guess? She had school. Flip fucking school. Yes, some of us are trying to get an education over here.

Us writer's lives do not revolve around writing on Wattpad. It does not pay the bills.

7. Bullying is not okay

Every single day, I go into Wattpad, there is some sort of hate on me or other writers. It's just rude and hurtful. You would have to be a pretty disgusting person to actually think that it is okay to do that to a person. Hate and bullying is extremely high on Wattpad and their support system is far from adequate.

10. Sharing our stories is like releasing part of our brains to the public

These are our ideas, thoughts, and different things that revolve around us. All stories are written differently because we are all different people with different life stories and different dreams and hopes.

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