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18 Co-Workers Who Are Only Funny If You Don't Work With Them

They're the worst. The best of That One Co-Worker starring Matt Bellassai.

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1. The one who won't go home when he's sick.

2. That co-worker who is very, very, very into Beyoncé.

3. The bad handshaker.

4. The gossip.

5. The attention diva.

6. This is a WILLFUL misunderstanding of "work casual."

7. The one who REALLY hates salad.

8. Sometimes, your co-worker scares you.

9. Can't. Stop. Tapping.

10. The aspiring singer.

11. Can't handle negotiations.

12. The one who's always trying to get out of things.

13. Please: Let go of Let It Go.

14. That co-worker who can't control themselves around cake.

15. The co-worker who can't take criticism, ever.

16. The one who obviously hates you.

17. That co-worker who can only communicate through his computer.