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5 Things That Are Harder Than Registering To Vote, Featuring President Obama

You really have no excuse... Register to vote here!

You may have heard that there's an important vote coming up.

In order to take part in that vote, you need to register — which you can do, right now, at!

And to demonstrate to you just how easy it can be, BuzzFeed enlisted the help of President Obama. Here are five things that are harder to do than registering to vote:

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Naming every Game of Thrones character who has died is definitely harder...

...and it's probably more emotionally distressing, too.

Untangling headphones is way harder than registering to vote. (Also, it's 2016 — why aren't these things wireless yet?!)

Literally anything that has to do with the game Operation.

Making a friendship bracelet for your bestie — or your vice president. <3

And stacking Cheerios on a baby (or a stuffed animal) is much harder than registering to vote.

Dang. I guess you don't really have any reason not to register. SO, GO REGISTER NOW!! Seriously, right now. It's very easy.