20 Reasons Why “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Is Your Life

Because like Gina, we all thrive on dysfunction.

1. They covered the basics of your childhood.


2. And your views on politics.

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3. While also managing to cover your high school love life.

Fox / Via offcolortv.com

4. Thanks to Gina, you now know the root of your obsession with apps.

5. And Jake covered your feelings about Taylor Swift.


6. While Boyle described all of your fourth grade relationships.


7. Then there’s your feelings about people in general.


8. And that awkward moment when you’re alone with people you’re not friends with.

9. Rosa expresses that frustrating moment when your computer hates you.

10. Then Brooklyn Nine-Nine captured your feelings about breakups.

11. And the struggle of Bar Mitzvahs


12. While Holt became your new english teacher

13. And stole your flirting techniques


14. But it’s OK because Terry established the struggle of every 90’s kid.

15. And Holt revealed why Twitter occasionally sucks.

16. So Rosa breaks down everything you want to say to your entire school.

17. And of course Amy captured that one asshole in your classes perfectly.

18. But it’s fine because she also covered modern day stalking.

19. And of course Jake’s feelings about emotions are everyones feelings about emotions.

20. And, most importantly, alarm clocks.


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