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24 Things BGSU Alumni Love

We Alumni of The Bowling Green State University had it all those 4 or 5 years we lived in that flat piece of land in North West Ohio. Now, as Homecoming is fast approaching, let's brush up on the things we loved about our little college town!

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1. The Age Old "Campus Polleyes Vs. Myle's Pizza Pub" Debate

Via Pictures from Campus Polleye's & Myle's Pizza Pubs official Facebook

Stuffed Bread Sticks or Piping Hot Pizza? The "Sophie's Choice" of college food. This debate may never be solved in civilized conversation, usually ends with a chair being thrown. But we will drive over 2 hours just to taste them. And the Home made ranch dressing? I think people have sold their first born for a pint!

2. Singing "Ay Ziggy Zoomba" At The Top Of Our Lungs

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Via YouTube User tjwise20

With the lyrics of

"Ay Ziggy Zoomba Zoomba Zoomba
Ay Ziggy Zoomba Zoomba Ze
Ay Ziggy Zoomba Zoomba Zoomba
Ay Ziggy Zoomba Zoomba Zi
Roll along, you B-G warriors
Roll along, and win for B-G-S-U!"

How can you not get into the Spirit? I've been to weddings of fellow BGSU Alumni’s and its still sung with as much bravado as a freshman!

3. Ohio Pride!

We are Bowling Green, Ohio NOT Kentucky. We have one natural hill in Oak Grove Cemetery & we love to let everyone know that The Cleveland Browns got their colors from us. You're Welcome Dawg Pound.


5. Our Mascots That Make Us Smile......

Freddie & Frieda's Official Facebook Page / Via Facebook: freddie.frieda

How can you not instantly smile when Freddie & Frieda Falcon walk into a room? This Brother & Sister team have been making us pumped up since 1950s. No one knows who are behind the masks until The Beheading at the last Basketball & Hockey games of the year. It’s kind of like revealing who wins “American Idol”.

6. ............And Our Spirit Squad That Still Scare Us

SICSIC's Official Facebook Page / Via Facebook: sicsic.sez.9

Ohhh SICSIC..... The signs, the masks, the prison jumpsuits & your ability to sneak up on us makes us love and fear you all at the same time.

7. The Downtown Nightlife / Via

We miss our affordable drinks, the ability to walk down the street and hit 5 bars in 10 minutes. We have great memories at The Bar Formally Known as Junction (now City Tap/The Attic), Seeing random music acts like Jordan Knight at Nate & Wally's along with your Fish Bowl, Hardcore shows at Howard's Club H, all that is Sky Bar, the distinct difference between Uptown & Downtown, Heading to Brathaus to get a Legal Joint Drink and the Cla-zel being converted from silent movie theater to a dance club. We have favorite bars that at Homecoming we descend on with a vengeance.


9. The Rock

I suspect it's really the size of a pebble, but years of being covered in paint has increased its size 10 times! The Rock has moved due to the ever changing BGSU landscape, but it is still as majestic and paint covered as ever.


13. The Blotter

The BG News / Via

Whether to check to see what craziness occurred during your all-nighter at The Jerome Library or to see what happened after you left a party off Troup, The Blotter was your go-to read every Monday Morning. Nothing beats reading about a fire alarm at 5am in Mac for a hair dryer!


23. Journey

View this video on YouTube

No party or event was ever complete without this song.

24. Homecoming


For one glorious weekend a year, we can finally relive everything we loved about college. We wear our Orange & Brown and party hard at The Doyt. We have fun with our themes from "Shake Your Tail Feather" to "Don't Stop BG'ing" to this year's theme "Let The Good Times Roll Along", we love it.

Hope this list gets you excited about Homecoming Falcon Alums!

Thanks to Matt (@mgvanwormer) for his help with compiling this crazy list together. Alumni, I'll see you at Quarters in October.

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