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    • bridgets5

      I was at a friend’s house with her boyfriend, alone, when we decided to get out the ouija board. After many attempts of trying to communicate with the spirits we thought were there, we finally got what we were asking for. We got some answers that we later looked into and they checked out to be true. We all thought her bf was moving the planchette but he wasn’t. What got us spooked to the point we put the board up was when we asked for a sign that they were there with us. We had a few candles lit in the room, they all started to flicker and one of them (a glass our lady Guadeloupe candle) broke and went out consequently. Then we heard footsteps down the hall coming in the direction of her room, which then stopped right in front of her door. No one else was home, and she only had a cat that was not capable of making those sounds. We packed that shit up and left the house immediately. That was 10 years ago and I’ve yet to mess with a ouija board since.

    • bridgets5

      Soooo, my girl friend and her friend at the time convinced me to sneak into a small town’s private suburb pool. We all had been drinking, and continued to do so while there. Things happen, maybe a 3-way. Anyway, after a good couple hours of us being there the local police show up and bust us out for the obvious reasons. While shining flashlights on us make us all get dressed, clean up our mess, and climb back over the fence, (get out the way you came in). It was my first ever negative interaction with the cops, being 21, couple that with my smart ass mouth, I almost got all of us arrested and sent to county for the night. Luckily my friend whispering “shut the fuck up” while elbowing me did the trick for them to just let us all off with a warning. I still look back on that night and laugh but also cringe for my younger self.

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