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    31 Things From Target That’ll Help ~Freshen Up~ Your Bathroom

    Because the only thing better than a beautiful bathroom is a ~clean and beautiful~ bathroom.

    1. A wood wall shelf that'll add a ~rustic~ feel to your bathroom. (A little bit of wood is one step closer to having a home sauna, right?)

    wood and metal shelf on wall

    2. A textured white shower curtain with a fringed bottom, because we know you've had the same one for years. It's time for an upgrade. Treat yo'self.

    white striped shower curtain in bathroom

    3. A striped tufted bath mat that'll cushion your toesies before *and* after hopping into the shower or bath.

    White brown black and grey striped rug

    4. A bath towel stand to fully display all those cute hand towels. Plus, they'll dry faster when they are hung up.

    metal towel rack

    5. A gold wire toothbrush holder that'll turn your boring toothbrushes into chic works of art. Plus, it's open at the bottom, so say goodbye to gross "bottom of the toothbrush holder gunk" buildup!

    gold wire toothbrush holder with two toothbrushes

    6. A wooden tissue box so you never have to look at those typical, boring paper boxes the tissues come in ever again.

    wooden tissue box on bathroom shelf

    7. ...and a wooden soap pump to match.

    square wooden soap pump

    8. A hammered metal wastebasket that's so pretty, you won't want to hide it away under your sink.

    metal wastebasket on bathroom floor

    9. An over-the-toilet etagere organizer to hold plants, candles, freshly washed towels, or beautiful-smelling items to ~freshen up~ the air.

    bronze over toilet organizer over toilet

    10. A recycled glass soap dish that'll keep your bar soap from sliding allll around. Plus, it's pretty *and* good for the planet. Win-win!

    green glass soap holder

    11. A terrazzo-print cotton hand towel so every time you wash your hands, it'll feel like a total par-tay.

    white hand towel with colorful specks

    12. A contour toilet rug that'll liven up an otherwise undecorated area of your bathroom. Plus, it's super soft — always a plus for flooring you'll be walking on while barefoot.

    blue around toilet rug

    13. A set of two vintage-inspired woven storage baskets to keep cotton balls, Band-Aids, and swabs organized and easily accessible in a super-cute way.

    bathroom with woven baskets on shelf

    14. And a woven wastebasket that'll complete your boho bathroom ~goals~.

    rattan basket on bathroom floor

    15. A set of bath towels that are so soft and deeply colored, you'll feel like you're at a 5-star hotel every time you use 'em.

    two  towels on towel rack

    16. A metal hair tool holder, so the cords on your heat-styling tools will stop being a nuisance.

    hair dryer and flat iron in metal holder

    17. A three-piece suction storage set that'll keep your important items off the floor or counter and mounted for easy access! They'll stay way cleaner up there, too.

    toothbrushes loofah and razor suctioned to shower

    18. A rechargeable touchless soap dispenser so you can feel super ~boujee~ every time you wash those hands.

    gold touchless soap dispenser

    19. A rustproof shower caddy that'll save your precious shower goodies from accumulating around the edge of the tub. Shampoo and conditioner organization = check!

    metal shower caddy hanging on shower head

    20. A four-piece bath accessory set so your whole bathroom can stick to one color theme. Also, you'll get your entire bathroom makeover in one step. Bam!

    teal wastebasket cup soap dispenser and toothbrush holder

    21. A set of round apothecary canisters that David Rose would *definitely* want to steal for Rose Apothecary.

    glass containers with cotton balls

    22. A steel bathtub caddy so you can finally have a place to set that book (or end-of-the-night glass of wine) without it falling off the edge of the tub.

    gold bathtub caddy over tub

    23. A gold-toned metal toilet brush holder that's so pretty, it'll actually make you *want* to clean your toilet.

    gold toilet brush holder

    24. A vanity light to brighten up your bathroom space, and add an industrial chic touch.

    black double light over mirror

    25. An accent vanity organizer that'll make your toothbrush, toothpaste, and any other daily-use items easy to see and nice to look at.

    gold and plastic organizer

    26. A set of 12 matte-black shower curtain S-hook rings to replace those same-old same-old metal rings you've been using forever. They'll add a nice pop and accent to any shower curtain!

    27. A bronze-finish steel toilet paper holder that'll make grabbing the TP easy, breezy, and, yes, beautiful.

    bronze toilet paper holder

    28. A gold-toned steel hook so you can hang your bath and hand towels to avoid that inevitable (and frightening) damp towel pile.

    29. A cozy and colorful bath rug that'll be so snuggly under your feet, you'll never want to leave your bathroom.

    stack of colorful bath rugs

    30. A decorative wire storage bin to hold towels, magazines, or extra bathroom supplies. Plus, they're super durable and their copper handles make them easy to hold.

    shelf with wire bins

    31. A five-piece nickel bathroom hardware set that'll organize allllll your linens and look good while doin' it.

    5 wall rods

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