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    19 Things From Amazon Both You And Your Pet Bird Will Probably Love

    Who knew they made bird-sized corn on the cob?

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    1. A play gym that'll help your bird work on those ~gains~. With many perching areas and a ladder, your bird will have ample opportunities to get their pump on.

    Reviewer's bird sitting on the wooden play gym

    2. A vibrant, nutrient-rich food blend packed with Omega 3's that'll support your birdy's brain and heart health.

    Bird seed nuts and cereal

    3. A stainless-steel fruit and vegetable tower so you can feed your bird their favorite foods in a fun and easy way!

    Bird with the tower holding slices of apple and corn

    4. A sturdy wood and quartz perch for your bird's beak and nail health. Plus, it's super easy to install and clean in any cage.

    Bird sitting on the colorful perch

    5. A lightweight, portable bird carrying case so you can take your bird along on your next adventure!

    Reviewer's bird in the carrying case

    6. A hanging wooden mirror swing for your bird to check themselves out. (Remind them to do their daily affirmations, of course.)

    Reviewer's bird looking at themself in their mini mirror

    7. A swinging rubber toy that'll dispense your bird's favorite treats. It's made of tough, natural rubber so your bird can peck at this all day long.

    Reviewer's bird playing with the hanging ball shaped toy with room inside for food

    8. A collection of colorful "bird bagels" for your bird to chomp on. Made of many layers of thick compressed cardboard, your bird will have a blast peeling and shredding!

    The bagel-shaped wooden toys

    9. A bird-sized punching bag for your feathered friends to take out their frustrations on. Birds have bad days too, right?

    Reviewer's bird in cage playing with the punching bags

    10. A handing perch and stainless steel clanging toy that will look stunning in the light of your home, and will let your bird explore making noises!

    Reviewer's bird on perch with toy

    11. A set of 12 colorful, tiny pairs of shoes for your bird to chew. Made of natural cotton and rubber, these toys are safe and fun for any size bird!

    Birds playing with the mini converse sneaker toy

    12. A large, sturdy play stand that'll quickly become your bird's favorite place to hang out. Plus, the rounded design makes for an easy clean up!

    Reviewer's playstand on carpet

    13. A mini basketball hoop and ring toss set, because your bird deserves to experience the fun of a carnival.

    Reviewers bird with toys

    14. A natural wood and rope bridge for your bird to live out their best jungle explorer life fantasy.

    Reviewer's bird on the rope bridge

    15. The tiniest birdie bowling set so they can spend time working on their strike.

    Reviewer's bird in cage with toy

    16. A small, shiny bell toy that'll inspire them to explore their musical abilities.

    Reviewer's bird in cage

    17. The cutest bird-sized shopping cart for your feathered friend to get a taste of what it's like to aimlessly wander through the aisles of Trader Joe's.

    Reviewer's bird and cart

    18. Some mini corn on the cobs so your bird can join in on movie night. They can enjoy this straight off the cob, or popped in the microwave!

    Reviewer's bird with popcorn in bowl

    19. A twisted, bungee climbing rope toy for the birds who never experienced the joys of the rope climb in high school gym class.

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