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4 Reasons Lorde Will Rule 2017

Lorde's second studio album is one of the most anticipated of 2017 and will save us from the inevitable pain that a Trump presidency will bring.

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1. New album = new lyrics


Lorde quickly gained popularity because of her incredible lyrics. With her debut album, Pure Heroine, Lorde was able to turn mundane teenage life into beautiful poetry. Now that Lorde is 20, it's likely that she has been writing about what adulthood is like. We can all benefit from having the mess that is adulthood described through clever and meaningful lyrics.

2. New outfit inspiration

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When Lorde first stepped onto the music scene she was often compared to that edgy, ~misunderstood~ girl you knew (and secretly admired) in high school. Lorde has never shied away from wearing whatever she feels comfortable in. Now that she'll be back in the spotlight we will be able to see how her style has evolved. Think of it it as being excited to see the goth girl from high school at the 5 year reunion because you just NEED to know if she still wears purple lipstick and Doc Martens.

3. You'll be able to spend your savings on her concert tickets

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Lorde releasing a new album means that she will eventually go on tour. Thankfully, Lorde was considerate enough to give us 4 years in between albums to save up for tickets. Fans will be finally able to see new set designs, new outfits, new lighting and everything else that made her first tour so great.

4. New tweets to distract you from the state of the world


One scroll through Lorde's twitter and it is easy to see how hilarious she is. Some of Lorde's best moments on Twitter have been her making fun of herself or someone else (remember the Diplo "tiny penis" incident?). It can be assumed that Lorde will be more active on social media while she's promoting her album so soon we'll be able to go to her Twitter and have a whole collection of new tweets to help us feel a little better about the world.

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