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    • bridgetb6

      Wow,Ijust read the article and still haven’t been able to get my jaw up off the floor. What kind of 1950’s Leave it to Beaver koolaid has the writer been drinking to actually claim that women had it BETTER before the 70’s? Before women started talking about equal rights? And the example she gives is that there wasa’women and children first’ policy on the Titanic, but not on the Costa Concordia? What kind of logic is that??Ihave no words. ActuallyIdo — asawoman, I’d much rather live inaworld whereIcan make my own decisions without having to ask permission from any man, whereIwon’t get my posterior pinched or get called ‘honey’ at work without being able to filealawsuit, and where my body is more than an incubator for some man’s babies. As for the ship?Iprefer to live inaworld whereawoman can now be the captain of that ship, not justapowerless passenger. (Because if we give into gender stereotypes, then we must all agree thatafemale captain of the Titanic would have slowed down and missed the iceburg, andawoman wouldn’t have been showing off by sailing the Costa Concordia too close to shore. ;)

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