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Hot Celeb Couples To Watch In 2013

'Tis the season for bended knees, sparkling rings, and lifetime promises. So, let's put our imaginations to good use: Which celebrity couple below is most likely to make it official in 2013? Check out our best predictions, and then leave a comment with your vote!

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10. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

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Long-term potential: Stewart’s affair with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, shocked Twilight fans. The Queen of the Desert actor, 26, took Stewart, 23, back after months of hiding out from the press and weighing his options. In order for their relationship to survive, they’re going to have to overcome their trust issues. Heat magazine in the U.K. reports that the couple was originally supposed to spend Christmas in London with Pattinson’s family, but they changed their plans after Stewart spent a “nerve-wracking” Thanksgiving with them.

9. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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Long-term potential: Friends for years, the 32-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and 35-year-old rapper began dating after Kim filed for divorce from Nets forward Kris Humphries (their incredibly over-the-top wedding is still seared into our collective memory). The K’s have both declared their love and willingness to be married, but until the divorce with Humphries is finalized, they’ll have to wait it out. A trial could be held early next year if depositions and other pre-trial investigations are completed by Feb. 15.

8. Zoe Saldana And Bradley Cooper

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Long-term potential: The couple dated from January through March; after a brief split in September, they’re back on again. The 34-year-old Avatar actress met the Hangover star, 37, while filming The Words in 2011. With his piercing blue eyes and suave demeanor, Cooper’s made a living playing love-to-hate-em lotharios. But in real life, he’s matured since his 20’s, swearing off drugs and alcohol. Saldana’s also evolved in her ‘30s: During an appearance on Lifetime’s The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, she said: “I’m Latin—we start young, honey! At 22, you’re like, ‘I just wanna [sic] hold something. You want a little critter.”

7. Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart

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Long-term potential: Lopez and her choreographer beau celebrated their one-year anniversary this past October, tweeting sweet messages of congrats (Smart calls her his “gorgeous, kind, sweet, funny, ‘lil’ bear”). She bought him a truck for his 25th birthday (they share an 18-year age difference). Whether they’re front row at the Chanel show or splashing each other around in the pool, Casper spends lots of QT with Emme and Max, Lopez’s four-year-old twins (who she refers to as her “coconuts”). Lopez’s number-one priority is being a good Mom, so we’re guessing that Dad potential is a major factor in whether or not she’ll get hitched again.

6. Julianne Hough And Ryan Seacrest

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Long-term potential: Hough, 24, met Seacrest, 37, in 2007, when the Dancing with the Stars and American Idol sets were located across the hall from each other. It takes a special lady to keep up with Seacrest, affectionately dubbed “The Hardest-Working Man in Hollywood.” (His most recent resume builder: He served as an NBC Olympics commentator this past summer.) The DWS alum’s acting career is heating up: She’s currently filming Safe Haven, a romantic drama by Nicholas Sparks. “We work hard, and it’s why we’re attracted to each other,” Hugh explained at a Samsung Galaxy Note II launch party.

5. Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis

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Long-term potential: The 28-year old Rush actress and her SNL boyfriend, 37 publicly stepped out as a couple when they attended a Kansas University Jayhawks game together a year ago. During a monologues event in NYC, Wilde told the audience that she is “blissfully, hopelessly, wildly in love.” Sweet, right? But then, she said they have the stamina of Kenyan marathon runners when it comes to their intimate affairs (yikes). They recently moved in together in NYC. They’re also starring in Relanxious, their first film together.

4. Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher

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Long-term potential: Ashton Kutcher, 34, and Mila Kunis, 29, worked together on That ‘70s Show 14 years ago, but they weren’t linked romantically until this past April. According to reports, Kutcher and Demi Moore struggled with his wandering eye and her insecurities during their marriage. If Kutcher can remain faithful, then he might have a shot with Kunis, who seems to have more points in the “confidence” category than Moore. Recently crowned “The Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire, she’s being offered plum movie roles, so her star is rising just as fast as Kutcher’s, who will play Steve Jobs in a juicy new biopic.

3. Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield

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Long-term potential: The 24-year-old actress (who just wrapped the film Gangster Squad) and 29-year-old British actor (best known for his role as “Eduardo Saverin” in The Social Network) met while costarring in The Amazing Spider-Man. The Real Estalker reports that this adorable pair just purchased a $2.5 million home together. Stone also recently officiated the wedding between her publicist, Holly Shakoor, and Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer in Ojai, California this past November. But don’t expect her to walk down the aisle just yet—they’re both still young and ambitious, so there’s no rush to get engaged.

2. Michelle Williams And Jason Segel

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Long-term potential: The 32-year-old Take This Waltz actress and the How I Met Your Mother actor, 32, reportedly started dating last February. When Williams is busy shooting movies, Segel cares for her seven-year-old daughter, Matilda, which could be a sign that he’s ready to take on more responsibility in his life. At the premiere of his film The Five-Year-Engagement, he told reporters that “I hit my ‘30s and enough became enough. I’m ready to enter phase three. I put the puppets in a closet. I’m getting nice furniture.”

1. Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling

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Long-term potential: Work brought them together romantically on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines during the summer of 2011. Since then, the Drive actor and his 38-year-old paramour have been inseparable, spotted everywhere from Paris to Disneyland. The couple almost never reveals anything about their relationship. However, there have been some telling signs. Back in June, Gosling took Mendes to his mom’s college graduation, creating a stir with students. In a telling quote to the U.K. Times, Gosling said, “I’d like to be making babies but I’m not, so I’m making movies.”

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