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    20+ Insanely Cute Wedding Photos To Cheer You Up

    Let's face it: There are some aspects of wedding planning that are less fun than others. Even the most happy-go-lucky bride can lose her patience when bills are mounting, tensions are heating up between parents or the bridesmaids, and weekends/vacation days are nonexistent (they're reserved for vendor appointments). We can empathize! I thought I would round up some of the most romantic wedding moments that make us want to say "awww," because as stressful as wedding planning can be, it's all worth it to marry your best friend. By: The Bridal Detective

    Dream Love Photography / Via

    1. A sweet note is the perfect way to begin the day.

    Jennefer Wilson Photography / Via

    I vote for a first look that is sure to capture a priceless moment! This bride is practically toppling over with excitement (and Eskimo kisses).

    Jaime Clayton / Via

    Pack tissues just in case.

    Zach and Jody Photography / Via

    That moment when your husband sees you for the first time as you walk down the aisle towards him makes every second of wedding planning worth it. This is such a priceless image!

    Tom Tomkinson Photography / Via

    Every bride secretly dreams about the kiss that officially makes them a Mrs., and this dip-kiss is everything a girl could ever hope for.

    Sloan Photographers / Via

    Walking down the aisle as husband and wife while being showered with rose petals.

    Alison Conklin / Via

    How cute is this? A bride and groom pinky swear after their vows!

    Jaime Clayton Photography / Via

    Have a little fun and enjoy your newly minted status as wife with a bike ride during cocktail hour with your new husband.

    Elizabeth Messina Photography / Via

    What a guy! Sometimes a girl just needs to be carried away.

    Serendipity Photography / Via

    Time stands still with this bridal party pose.

    Jennifer Whalen Photography / Via

    Savor a quiet moment, like this stunning couple going for a swing during their wedding.

    Amanda Watson Photography / Via

    A moment of prayer is a beautiful way to start your marriage.

    Fabio Zardi Luxury Floral Design & Wedding Decoration / Via

    A bride wipes a tear from her groom's face.

    Robbins Photographic / Via

    Some of the most touching words you'll ever hear on your wedding day are during the toasts.

    Sweet Little Photographs / Via

    That candid moment where your husband wraps his arm around you at the reception.

    Ashley Hoskins Photography / Via

    Sometimes, no other seat will do but his lap.

    Alexi Shields Photography / Via

    Is there anything more romantic than kissing in the rain under an umbrella? This photo makes a light drizzle more bearable.

    Jennifer Whalen / Via

    We stand corrected: This shot of a groom holding his jacket over the bride's head is even more swoon-worthy.

    Elizabeth Messina / Via

    The “veil kiss” is a favorite must-have photo with brides, and this one is especially dreamy.

    Patrick Hadley Photography / Via

    One of my favorite moments at this “Dinner and a Movie” wedding by Patrick and Tricia Hadley was this shot of a bride and groom sitting together on a bench.

    Pure 7 Studios / Via

    After you celebrated the best night of your life, it's safe to say that a sweet exit like this one is an idyllic way to start your happily ever after. This couple even took beverages for the road!