The Best Overacting In The History Of "Doctor Who"

A celebration of those actors who took a guest appearance on DW to the next level.

1. Christopher Bowen as Mordred


Battlefield, 1989

2. Nabil Shaban as Sil

Via BBC Doctor Who YouTube channel

Vengeance on Varos, 1985

3. Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor

Via BBC Doctor Who YouTube channel

The Caves of Androzani, 1984

Peter Davison’s performance as the Doctor was usually very English and restrained, a contrast to his predecessor Tom Baker. In his final story, he got to let rip.

4. Julian Bleach as Davros

Via Whovian King YouTube Channel

Journey’s End, 2008

Most iterations of Davros, to be honest…

5. Brian Blessed as King Yrcanos

Via GungaDin416 YouTube channel

Trial of a Time Lord, 1986

Because … Brian Blessed.

6. Joseph Furst as Professor Zaroff

Via Winter Trabex YouTube channel

The Underwater Menace, 1967

7. Graham Crowden as Soldeed

Via BobNewbell 1 YouTube channel

The Horns of Nimon, 1979


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