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21 Of The Best Made-Up Jobs From "The Bachelor" And "Bachelorette"

Three words: VIP cocktail waitress.

1. Would love to know how to get paid for this.

2. Don't want to know how you get paid for this.

3. This sounds like a job that hasn't existed since 1843.

4. You can't see it, but Lucy was also barefoot.

5. Bet he pulled a flower bouquet out of his sleeve.

6. What a horrifying combination of words.

7. This means he made a pizza one time.

8. The "VIP" part is the real résumé booster.

9. Is this on your LinkedIn profile, Nikki?

10. Who knew you could retire off of NBA dancing money!

11. But what do you trade it for?

12. Honestly would buy this more if it said "Zamboni Driver."

13. What are the chances Stevie was living at home during his season?

14. You'd probably cry, too, if this were your job.

15. But what do you really do, Sean?

16. Well, someone has to organize diamonds' and rubies' busy schedules!

17. Are they magic mushrooms?

18. So, a fisherman?

19. But if you want your birthday cake decorated, Michelle is not your girl.

20. This sounds unpaid.

21. And this is not a word.