23 Things You Probably Never Noticed In "Heathers"

    What's your damage?

    1. Each Heather has a signature color.

    Yes, Heather Chandler's red is obvious, but Heather McNamara and Heather Duke are always wearing something yellow and something green, respectively.

    2. And Veronica's signature color is blue.

    3. When Veronica turns against Heather Chandler at the frat party, she winds up in a red-tinted room.

    4. And Heather Chandler winds up in a blue bathroom.

    5. The only thing people drink at Westerburg High is Carnation milk.

    In copious amounts, apparently.

    6. The sodas behind J.D. at the Snappy Snack Shack line up to read "Bang, Bang, Bang."

    This might just be coincidental foreshadowing — Bang! is a real brand of soda.

    7. Betty and Veronica's names pay homage to two sets of iconic friends.

    8. Veronica's dresser pulls are punctuation marks.

    9. When Heather Chandler dies, there's some pretty poetic reading material on the table she crashes through.

    Heather has CliffsNotes for The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath — who famously committed suicide — and a magazine with the cover story, "The Fall of the American Teen."

    10. Then, there's the irony of this poster.

    The "living legend" poster pops up behind Veronica after she learns the yearbook team is dedicating a two-page spread to Heather Chandler's suicide.

    11. The movie takes place in 1988, but Heather Chandler has a 10-year-old Cosmopolitan magazine in her locker.

    12. Heather Chandler also has a picture in her locker that was seemingly taken during the events of the movie.

    Unless all the girls wore the exact same outfits on a different day.

    13. And Heather Duke does wind up wearing the earrings she steals from Heather Chandler's locker.

    14. The name J.D. makes up for the bullets they'll use for Kurt and Ram's suicides, Ich lüge, means "I lie" in German.

    15. Veronica and J.D. incorrectly stage Kurt and Ram's suicides.

    16. The faculty's table decorations change to reflect the students they're talking about.

    Red apples for Heather Chandler, footballs for Kurt and Ram.

    17. The same set is used for Heather Chandler and Heather Duke's kitchens.

    18. Heather Duke's dream sequence funeral pays homage to a famous Life magazine picture.

    The J.R. Eyerman photo was taken in 1952, at opening night for the first-ever color 3D movie, Bwana Devil.

    19. Heather Duke and Martha Dunnstock's sweatshirts have different spellings of their camp's name.

    20. Martha addresses her suicide note to the school, not her family.

    21. J.D.'s fake petition to get Big Fun to play at Westerburg High asks for more than a concert.

    22. How Veronica comes down from her fake hanging doesn't make sense.

    She's obviously hanging in front of the fireplace, away from her bed. But when she comes down, she's facing the opposite direction, and was somehow able to land perfectly on the bed.

    23. And, Veronica magically gets bangs during the final sequence.