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    Here's What The Guys From "The Hills" Season One Look Like Now

    And we finally know what happened to Heidi's dog!

    You remember Brian Drolet and Jordan Eubanks from the first season of The Hills, right?


    They were the male leads of the MTV reality show back in 2006 — they were even in the opening credits!


    Jordan was Heidi Montag's serious boyfriend, and Brian his roommate. But when Heidi and Jordan broke up at the end of Season 1, The Hills broke up with Jordan and Brian. They were nowhere to be found come Season 2.

    So whatever happened to Brian and Jordan?


    We recently asked that question — and guess what? We found them!

    Brian Drolet

    The guys have nothing but fond memories of their time on the show, and told BuzzFeed it was pretty real back then. "None of us knew what the show was yet," Brian said, "and it wasn't famous or known, so we weren't trying to create drama or act a certain way, because it was such a new thing and we were all just on the ride."

    "I loved it," Jordan said. "I think it was a bizarre introduction to L.A., and the experiences I shared with everyone in the cast are priceless."

    But there was still some manipulation. "For instance," Brian said, "on Episode 1 of Season 1, they make it seem like we are crashing Lauren's Teen Vogue party and sitting in a section we were told specifically not to sit in, but in reality we were invited to the party, and told to sit in that section."

    And Jordan hinted that his and Heidi's breakup might've been manufactured. "The breakup at the end of the show was a little unexpected," he said. "Heidi and I had normal problems in our relationship. I am definitely not the 'jealous foul mouth' boyfriend the show painted me out to be. But the producers have a job to do, and they executed brilliantly."

    In the decade since they filmed the show, Brian and Jordan have continued to pursue their Hollywood dreams — both in front of and behind the camera.

    Brian Drolet

    Together, they produced two independent comedies — 2 Dudes and a Dream and Dumbbells. Brian co-wrote and starred in both. After finishing Dumbbells, Jordan shifted focus to launch the sports merchandizing startup LightHeaded.

    Brian Drolet

    Brian recently got to act alongside Matt LeBlanc and Ali Larter in the movie Lovesick, wrote and starred in the web series Cinedopes, and is currently head writer for the Fine Brothers' new TruTV series, Six Degrees of Everything.

    The guys remain best friends, and even hang out with some of their Hills co-stars!

    And yes, they still stop by Hyde every once in a while.

    Brian Drolet

    "We still go to events Kevin Todd does," Brian told BuzzFeed. "And I don't see Jason [Wahler] very often, but we are always friendly when we do run into each other. It's always nice seeing him and catching up, and that goes for everyone really that I may bump into from the cast."

    Oh, and Jordan finally helped us solve the biggest Hills mystery of all time.

    MTV / BuzzFeed

    "Heidi apparently gave the dog away," Jordan said. "My parents were a little upset about that, considering they paid for Bella."

    You can keep up with Brian on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and Jordan on Facebook.

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