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    Everything The Wheaton Sisters Wore In The 1996 Classic "Wish Upon A Star," Ranked

    Man, oh man.

    28. Hayley's Giant Green (?) T-Shirt

    27. Hayley's Stargazing Sweatshirt

    26. Hayley's Einstein Pajamas

    Hayley somehow looks more put together in these PJs than she does in that green-and-brown-stripe circus-tent shirt.

    25. Alexia and Hayley's Everyday Jackets

    24. Alexia's Beige Suit

    Why does an 18-year-old need a beige power suit? Answer: She doesn't — especially not one with that massive collar.

    23. Alexia's Green Sweater and Jeans

    Mom Jeans, cut generously to fit a mom's body. Exclusively at J.C. Penney!

    22. Alexia's Collared Bikini

    And this is the outfit Alexia was wearing when she wished to be Hayley. Also, why does a bikini need a lapel?

    21. Hayley's Grungy Lounging Look

    20. Alexia's Colorblock Sweater

    19. Hayley's Sick-Day Sweats

    The outfit's not all that notable, but you still want those grape slippers, don't you?

    18. Alexia's Flower-Power Sundress

    Alexia looks less like a student and more like the teacher in this.

    17. Hayley's Oversize T-Shirt and Denim Jacket Combo

    16. Alexia and Hayley's Formal Coats

    15. Alexia's Gym Clothes

    14. Alexia's Floral Romper

    13. Alexia's Baby Pink Nightgown

    Again, stylish even when she slept. But did she really need a different pajama set every night?

    12. Alexia's Hot-Pink Silk Robe

    Somehow Alexia has time before school to lounge around in this.

    11. Hayley's Floral Dress and Denim Vest

    10. Alexia's Winter Festival Pep Rally Dress

    Almost identical to her pink nightgown, but appropriate enough to wear to school.

    9. Hayley's Cropped Pink Sweater

    8. Alexia's Argyle Sweater Set

    Much prep. Very wow.

    7. Hayley's Striped Crop Top

    Do you think Alexia as Hayley popped one of Hayley's giant T-shirts in the dryer to make this happen? If so, kudos to her.

    6. Alexia's Winter Festival Dress

    Alexia supposedly spent a ton of money on this dress, but the dress she picked out as Hayley totally upstaged it. Dat back detail, tho.

    5. Alexia's Blue Pleather and Polka Dots Ensemble, Day 2

    4. Alexia's Blue Pleather and Polkadots Ensemble, Day 1

    From the feather boa scrunchie, to the white sunglasses and stockings, this. is. a. look.

    3. Hayley's Dominatrix Costume

    2. Hayley's Winter-Festival Dress

    Not only is this red-on-red ensemble A+, but Hayley as Hayley got to wear it!

    1. Alexia's Purple-on-Purple Look