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    This Is What The MTV Movie Awards Looked Like 15 Years Ago

    #TBT to Halle Berry showing her thong on purpose.

    It's almost time for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards!


    Amy Schumer is hosting them on Sunday, April 12 — but before then, let's take a look back at what the show looked like 15 years ago. The date was June 3, 2000.

    Sarah Jessica Parker hosted the show — and had more than 20 COSTUME CHANGES — including a camouflage carpet gown and a see-through muumuu... topped off with deer antlers, because, why not?

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    Beyoncé let "Thong Song" crooner Sisqo touch her, while they sported semi-matching ensembles to co-host the red carpet pre-show.

    Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

    And Sisqo let Tom Green — who brought a coffee pot as a date — touch him.

    Sgranitz / WireImage

    The Sprouse twins were there in coordinated Hawaiian shirts, the epitome of style in 2000 TBH.

    Kmazur / WireImage

    Verne Troyer, who is only 2'8" tall, stood next to 5'11" Rebecca Romijn, who was actually Rebecca Romijn-Stamos back then.

    Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic, Inc

    Denise Richards came wearing a lot of hair.

    Ron Galella / WireImage

    Halle Berry wore this sparkly, bedazzled, macramé-ish bikini contraption with beaded fringe and visible thong.

    Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

    A pre-Tom Cruise Katie Holmes — in a watercolor dress with attached-scarf — held hands with then-beau Chris Klein.

    Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

    You know who else was a couple? Carson Daly and Tara Reid, who showed up in a shirt with just one above-the-boob button.

    Vinnie Zuffante / Getty Images

    Julia Stiles rocked what you might mistake for a lace tablecloth today.

    Lucy Nicholson / Getty Images

    NSYNC was an assault on the eyes in this hodgepodge of Ed Hardy-meets-JNCO collection.

    Sgranitz / WireImage

    Shawn Wayans sported a mesh turtleneck next to his reasonably dressed brother Marlon.

    Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

    Janet Jackson wore this floor-length leather ballgown that probably weighed 10,000 lbs.

    Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

    Cameron Diaz's jeans were missing their waistband. Also, she posed like this backstage.

    Ron Galella, Ltd. / WireImage

    And Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair kissed backstage while wearing halter tops.

    Sgranitz / WireImage

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