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28 Moments You Wished Aidy Bryant Was Your BFF

HBD, Lil' Baby Aidy!

1. When she christened herself with this nickname.

2. Then rocked this nameplate necklace.

3. And showed you how to be a back home baller.

4. When she said what you were thinking.

When you get a salad you should also get a cookie that comes with it to reward you for eating the salad.

5. When she had the perfect comeback.

6. When she proved this waterbed was the best!

7. When she became an international nasty girl.

8. And a total '80s lady.

9. When she competed in Miss Trash 2015.

10. When she danced it out like this.

11. When she kept it 💯.

Majored in h8 this and minored in side eye.

12. When she actually literally could not.

13. When she invented the greatest fake Real Housewives tagline of all time.

14. When she was Fats to Kate McKinnon's Dyke.

15. When she posted this snap with her SNL squad.

16. When she showed up on the Girls season finale.

17. And then the Broad City finale.

18. When she had this genius idea.

you know how dogs brush their teeth by eating a cookie? can I do that?

19. When she was super relatable on Late Night.

20. When she rolled with this crew at the Today show.

21. When she coined the phrase, "You just got Tonk'd!"

22. When she made you want to move into the Bitch Apartment.

23. When she live-tweeted the Golden Globes in the best way.

who am i wearing? pajamas by college, jewelry by bits of sushi, and big thank you to my hair for being slicked back in the highest of buns!

24. When she truly channeled Adele.

25. And Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

26. When she popped up on the Madison Square Garden Jumbotron and made this face.

27. When she had total #shamelust for Drake as a dad.

28. And when she danced in front of this flawless grade school throwback.

Happy 28th birthday, Lil' Baby Aidy!