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    29 Pictures That Prove You Should Never Own A Westie

    They're just the worst.

    1. Westies are just the ugliest puppies.

    2. Not cute at all.

    3. And when they grow up?

    4. Yeah...

    5. Let's not even talk about it.

    6. Pretty much the least photogenic dogs of all time.

    7. Who would want to wake up to this every day?

    8. Even worse, go to sleep next to this.

    9. They're not cuddly.

    10. At all.

    11. And affection?

    12. Forget about it.

    13. They're never happy to see you.

    14. They never want to be around you...

    15. And they definitely don't want your attention.

    16. They never want to play.

    17. Like, ever.

    18. They hate the outdoors.

    19. They hate car rides more.

    20. Oh, and they're not curious.

    21. Whatsoever.

    22. They won't keep you company...

    23. Or watch TV with you.

    24. They can't learn tricks.

    25. They never do anything that makes you go, "Aw!"

    26. They don't get along with other dogs.

    27. Especially other Westies.

    28. And they're awful around children.

    29. Westies, they're just the worst.

    You can adopt a Westie through your local Westie rescue, your local shelter, or through Petfinder.

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