An In-Depth Investigation Of Debra Messing's Insane Instagram

    Insane in the good way.

    This is Debra Messing.

    You probably know her as Grace, of Will & Grace.

    But she also has an insane Instagram.

    She actually posts a lot of selfies.

    Like, a lot.

    Some are artsy.

    Some are fartsy.

    Most are just super washed out.

    Seriously, Deb loves finding her light ...

    ... and disappearing into it.

    She can find the light anywhere.

    In the back of a car.

    On the sidewalk.

    Or, even, stuck in an elevator shaft.

    Sometimes, the light burns her.

    But she bounces back.

    Sometimes she takes selfies with friends.

    OK, it's mainly Mariska Hargitay.

    Yeah, it's almost always Mariska Hargitay.

    They're together a lot.

    You might get confused and think you're scrolling through Mariska's profile.

    Or a Mariska Hargitay fan account.

    Don't worry, you're still looking at Debra's pics.

    They're just BFFs.

    Who wear kaftans together.

    When she's not posing with Mariska, she's posing with other famous people.

    Or inanimate objects, like this fan.

    Or this iPad.

    Debra also loves a wig.

    Blonde ones.

    Black ones.

    Yes, even red ones.

    And, of course, she gets in some #TBT action.

    She's not afraid to be raw.

    Get real.

    Or just plain weird on the 'gram.

    Come on, where else are you going to see this?

    Debra Messing, Instagram Champion.