19 Celebrity Fashion Lines You Totally Forgot About

    They can't all be Jessica Simpson.

    1. Mblem by Mandy Moore

    2. Fetish by Eve

    3. Paris Hilton for Dollhouse

    4. FuMan Skeeto by Chris Kirkpatrick

    5. Heidiwood by Heidi Montag

    6. 6126 by Lindsay Lohan

    7. LL Cool J for Sears

    8. BITTEN by Sarah Jessica Parker

    9. Dear by Amanda Bynes

    10. Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne

    11. Vokal by Nelly

    12. Queen Collection by Queen Latifah

    13. Benjamin Bixby by Andre 3000

    14. Soji by Common and Jeremy Piven

    15. Chick by Nicky Hilton

    16. Miley Cyrus Max Azria for Walmart

    17. Sweetface by Jennifer Lopez

    18. The Katherine Heigl Collection

    19. Malibu Dave by David Hasselhoff