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    S Club 7's Debut Album Dropped 15 Years Ago And We're All Super Old Now

    ♫ Bring it all back now ♫

    The date was April 11, 2000. It was a Tuesday.

    A Tuesday that gave us one of the greatest albums of all time or, at least, the early '00s: S Club 7's S Club.

    That means it's been 15 YEARS since Tina did her dance.

    15 YEARS since Jon looked for romance.

    15 YEARS since Paul got down on the floor.

    15 YEARS since Hannah screamed out for more.

    15 YEARS since we saw Bradley swing.

    15 YEARS since we saw Rachel do her thing.

    And 15 YEARS since Jo had the flow.

    That also means it's been 15 years since you got your middle school slow dance on to "Two In a Million."

    If S Club 7 is still your No. 1 all these years later — and you're in the UK this May — then you're in luck.

    Yes, the group is reuniting for the "Bring It All Back" tour.

    But if you're not in the UK, just relive your youth on Spotify.