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    Friendly Reminder That Jennifer Love Hewitt Had A Music Career

    ♫ And I feel bare naked ♫

    You know Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Probably from these TV gems.


    Or maybe this cinematic classic.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    But don't forget about the music!

    Atlantic Records
    Jive Records

    Specifically, the seminal bop of 2002, "BareNaked."

    Jive Records

    You probably heard it once or twice on the radio and just assumed it was Michelle Branch, but no — it's JLove!

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    She's actually released SIX albums over the years.

    There's also the late '90s faux-rock jam, "How Do I Deal?"

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    And the Alanis-lite ditty "Can I Go Now?"

    View this video on YouTube

    OK, now carry on with your day.

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