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29 Existential Crises All Single People Have At A Wedding

How much gin is too much gin?

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1. The moment you arrive at the venue without a plus-one.

Big Machine Records / Via

2. And you start noticing no one else is alone.

Digital Vision. / Getty Images

3. And they're all stopping to sign the guest book together.

Buccina Studios / Getty Images

4. Or dropping off presents.

Ned Frisk / Getty Images

5. And you didn't bring a gift.

Kazoka30 / Getty Images

6. Because you had no one to split the cost with.

Givaga / Getty Images

7. Then, you have to find a seat in the sea of couples.

Mikhail Choumiatsky / Getty Images

8. And someone asks if you need to save a seat for your date.

Manifeesto / Getty Images

9. You look away, but you lock eyes with a groomsman as he adjusts his tie.

Shikhar Bhattarai / Getty Images

10. Then you spend the ceremony worried you'll get stuck at the weird singles table.

Footsicle / Getty Images

11. But when it's reception time, you find out there is no singles table...and you have to sit with all couples.

George Doyle / Getty Images

12. And when they're all called to the floor for the couples dance, you're left alone at the table.

Adrianhillman / Getty Images

13. So you escape for a drink.

Zink-photos / Getty Images

14. But you discover it's a cash bar.

Ramon Grosso / Getty Images

15. You sit back down just as someone clinks a glass for the bride and groom to kiss.

8213erika / Getty Images

16. The food comes, and you're forced to answer personal questions over cold chicken.

Taden / Getty Images

17. You sit through a series of inside-joke-filled toasts.

Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

18. The photographer surprises your table with a rapid-fire, "candid" photo shoot.

Kieferpix / Getty Images

19. You start to come alive again when the cake is cut.

Pompixs / Getty Images

20. But then, the DJ announces the garter and bouquet tosses.

Mandyelk / Getty Images

21. Which are inevitably followed by all single people being called to the dance floor for a "Single Ladies" dance-off.

Dawidmarkiewicz / Getty Images

22. You exchange a knowing glance with your few fellow single guests.

Joshuaraineyphotography / Getty Images

23. Couples then invade the dance floor for the "Cupid Shuffle."

Tomlester / Getty Images

24. You slink into the corner to nurse your one $10 cocktail.

Commablack / Getty Images

25. The last sips of which are spilled when the conga line swings into you.

Fuse / Getty Images

26. Before you know it, you're all forced outside for the sparkler farewell.

Belchonock / Getty Images

27. The bride and groom ride off.

Unopix / Getty Images

28. You escape just as the DJ starts playing "Last Dance."

Nikkytok / Getty Images

29. And you can finally collapse in your hotel room to reflect on the night.

Kettaphoto / Getty Images

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