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19 Reasons Adele Needs To Make Her Comeback Now

Fank you very much.

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It's been more than four years since Adele released an album. FOUR. YEARS.

XL Records

And ALMOST A YEAR since she teased us with this.

Bye bye 25... See you again later in the year x

But 2014 came and went with no new Adele.

20th Century Fox / Via

And now we're nearly a quarter of the way through 2015, and STILL no new Adele.


WHAT'S THE DEAL? WHERE ARE YOU ADELE?! WE NEED YOU. And here are a few reasons why. OK, 19 reasons. WHATEVER.

1. First off, 2012's Skyfall only held us over for, like, maybe a year.

XL / Columbia Records

And our ears just really need some new music, right?

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

2. We also need to experience the joy of this laugh-cackle hybrid again.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association / NBC / Via

3. "Fanks" needs to make a comeback, too.

4. And it's just not OK that when you Google image search "Adele," Adele Dazeem GIFs come up.

Disney / Via

5. Or that Pitbull and a song called "Trap Queen" are in the Billboard top 10 right now.

Which, like, OK, but you're not Adele!

Which, like, OK, but you're not Adele!

6. Plus, it's been THREE years since she graced the cover of Vogue. Time for another!

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott / Vogue / AP

7. We've also gone a full TWO awards seasons without Adele blessing the red carpet with her presence.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

This was 2013, people!

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

8. The only person who should beat Beyoncé for a Grammy is Adele. Sorry, Beck.

Frederic J. Brown / Getty Images

9. And, guys, we still don't know what she screamed at Chris Brown here!

Best guess is, "You know what you did!"
Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Best guess is, "You know what you did!"

10. We also still have no clue what it means to set fire to the rain.

11. Come on, we need more Adele reaction faces in our lives.

Joe Klamar / Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence doesn't even pull faces like this.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association / NBC / Via

12. We need more wacky Adele poses, too!

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

13. And when was the last time you remember hearing a dirty word come out of this mouth?

14. Or remember seeing Adele dance? Adancing, if you will.

15. We just need to experience the majesty of a live Adele performance again.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

16. We haven't heard any music since Adele became happily coupled.

Or a mom!

Look at these stunning pieces my friend @LA_VERNEUK made me! That's my handwriting! So personal, so clever x

17. Even Kelly Clarkson is desperate for new Adele music.

@OfficialAdele that's awesome BUT I need new music from you :) Pretty please! U can sing about Simon, your kiddo, really anything you want!

18. Plus, there's maybe a Lady Gaga duet on the new album and we want to hear it.

19. And, let's be honest, we could all just use a really good cry.



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