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19 Reasons Adele Needs To Make Her Comeback Now

Fank you very much.

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And ALMOST A YEAR since she teased us with this.

Bye bye 25... See you again later in the year x


WHAT'S THE DEAL? WHERE ARE YOU ADELE?! WE NEED YOU. And here are a few reasons why. OK, 19 reasons. WHATEVER.


3. "Fanks" needs to make a comeback, too.


Or a mom!

Look at these stunning pieces my friend @LA_VERNEUK made me! That's my handwriting! So personal, so clever x

17. Even Kelly Clarkson is desperate for new Adele music.

@OfficialAdele that's awesome BUT I need new music from you :) Pretty please! U can sing about Simon, your kiddo, really anything you want!

18. Plus, there's maybe a Lady Gaga duet on the new album and we want to hear it.

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