This Time-Lapse Of A Guy Transforming Into A Character From "Planet Of The Apes" Is Amazing

From normal guy to ape in just 194 seconds.

1. Artist and designer Emily Van Tassel transformed a member from the band, Hani Zahra, into a character from the movie classic “Planet of the Apes” for a show that they played on Halloween last year.

Hani Zahra / Via

2. The whole process from start to finish took approximately four hours.

Hani Zahra / Via

3. Tassel, who has limited to no experience with makeup, said that she learned how to do this by just “googling stuff.”

Hani Zahra / Via

4. Being as this was her first time doing stage makeup and prosthetics, she did a pretty darn good job!

Emily Van Tassel

Emily Van Tassel


5. Great work, Emily. He looks just like Cornelius!

Emily Van Tassel


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