Watch How People React To A Woman Spiking A Man’s Drink

You better watch your drinks next time.

1. YouTubers Richy and Mark from TheRoyalStampede set up hidden cameras to see how people would respond to a man spiking a woman’s drink, versus a woman spiking a man’s drink.

youtube / Via

2. They started with one of the guys dropping what looks to be drugs into his “date’s” drink.

youtube / Via

3. Immediately when the girl returns, the people sitting at the table next to them call the guy out on his antics.

4. And in a separate situation, a girl that witnessed the guy spiking his date’s drink even got up to let the restaurant know.

youtube / Via

5. But when the roles were reversed, so was the outcome…

youtube / Via

7. So what would you do?

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