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Watch Childish Gambino Take A Shot At Drake And Lebron James In This Epic Freestyle

*Mic drop*

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Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, recently threw together a freestyle for HOT 97, and he doesn't hold back any of his feelings.

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Then shit gets real when Gambino "supposedly" takes a shot at Drake...

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In a recent interview with Complex Magazine, Donald Glover said, "Drake doesn't get asked, 'Are you hard enough?' or anything like that even though Drake's life is really my life. I really grew up in the hood... I get it. I'm wearing a grandma sweater. But I am also a black male. I still have to wear this grandma sweater when I go see my grandma in the Bronx. Who lives in a shitty neighborhood. [Where] my cousin just got shot and stabbed twice hustling there."