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    This Video Of Brad Paisley Using A Fan’s GoPro To Play A Guitar Solo Is Pretty Freaken Sweet

    Coolest. Guy. Ever.

    At a recent Brad Paisley concert, a fan recording the show with his GoPro got the surprise of a lifetime. Mid-performance, Brad grabs the fan's GoPro and starts to play a "slide guitar solo" with it. All without missing a note. You rock, Brad!

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    It started out as a normal concert. Just a guy standing in the front row, recording the show on his GoPro... No big deal.

    youtube / Via

    As the show went on, Brad began to notice the guy sticking a GoPro in his face.

    youtube / Via

    So during his performance, he reaches out for the fan's GoPro. This is when the magic happens.

    youtube / Via

    Brad Paisley doesn't use a camera to take selfies... he uses it to play a guitar solo.

    youtube / Via

    After a few seconds jamming out with the GoPro, he hands it back to the fan. All without missing a beat.

    youtube / Via

    Keep being awesome, Brad.

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