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This Girl Just Came Up With The Best Response For Magic!'s Hit Song "RUDE"

"Marry that girl... How 'bout what I say?"

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You may remember Benji Cowart, the dad from Nashville, Tennessee who wrote a parody to Magic!’s hit song “RUDE.” Well now, singer Nicky Costabile has responded with the “daughter’s” side of the story.

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Nicky Costabile / Via

In an interview, Nicky told BuzzFeed she created the song solely because she thought it was a fun idea, and she is in no way the “daughter” mentioned in Benji’s mega-viral parody video.

Nicky Costabile / Via Facebook: NickyCostabileMusic

"My friend Marisa DiFrisco came up with the lyrics and I thought it would be funny to make a video replying to the Dad's perspective! This is just a friendly parody speaking from a girl's view."

Watch the video that sparked the response from Nicky here:

View this video on YouTube

Benji Cowart / Via