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    This Disney Animator Just Released A Short Film And It's Beautiful In So Many Ways

    Animation at its finest.

    Glen Keane, the man responsible for designing Ariel, the Beast, and Aladdin, just released an all-new animated short.

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    Pedro Daniel Garcia Perez / Via

    The story, much like most Disney stories, takes you through the connection of two people from birth...

    Glen Keane / Via

    ...into adulthood (where they ultimately fall in love).

    Glen Keane / Via

    But the burning question in this entire video is how the dog at the beginning ended up living for 30+ years?

    Glen Keane / Via

    Yes, that dog!

    Glen Keane / Via

    What is it, and how can we get our hands on one!?

    Glen Keane / Via

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