This Is Los Angeles Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

It’s still L.A….just without the cars.

1. Russell Houghten, the mastermind behind the video, came up with the idea when he first moved to Los Angeles. Traffic has always been a big issue in L.A., so Russell just wanted to create a video that allowed users to visualize the city traffic-less.

Video available at:
Russell Houghten / Via

2. The video highlights some of L.A.’s busiest areas, and turns them virtually into a ghost town. From the Walt Disney Concert Hall…

Russell Houghten / Via

3. To an overpass above the 110 freeway…

Russell Houghten / Via

4. To the entrance to one of the nation’s busiest freeways…

Russell Houghten / Via

5. It’s pretty safe to say that Russell did a helluva job turning L.A. into a city that we’ve never seen before.

Russell Houghten / Via

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