Illusionist On “Britain’s Got Talent” May Be The Best Ever

This isn’t your normal “dove appearing from mid-air” magic trick.

1. When asked how he started picking up magic, Darcy Oake had this to say:

When I was a kid, I actually had hopes and dreams of becoming a doctor… but my parents insisted that I become a magician [sarcasm]

2. Watch his jaw-dropping performance:

3. After his performance, Simon Cowell had this to say:

You are without question the best magician we have had on the show.

4. Here are a few reactions from the judges during the performance:

7. The illusionist is understandably excited about his success!

WOW half a million views in 1 day!!! 90% of those are probably from my mom #bgt

— Darcy Oake (@DarcyOake)

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