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    Here Are 7 DIY Photography Hacks That Everyone Should Know

    You learn something new everyday.

    Using household objects, photographer Markus Berger demonstrates seven creative and practical photography tips that you can try out today.

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    Tip 1: Use a beer koozie to protect your lens.

    Tip 2: Use a black tile and a tablet to shoot some awesome product photography.

    Tip 3: Shoot through a glass ball for a different perspective on your subject.

    Tip 4: Use aerosol spray and a lighter to create dramatic fire effects.

    Tip 5: Cut up the material from a stocking and wrap it around the front of your lens for a soft focus effect.

    Tip 6: Use a mirror to reflect light for cool lighting effects.

    Tip 7: Cheap tube lights make for an excellent light source and there are endless ways you can use them.

    Now grab your camera, and go out and shoot... the world is waiting for you.