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FouseyTUBE Freaks Out Pizza Delivery Guy In An Epic Prank

An attractive girl, panda masks, and some creepy music... This prank has it all.

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The night leading up to the prank, Yousef (AKA fouseyTUBE) tweeted this picture...

i promise to stay up all night and prepare but first i have to film a video tonight involving some greeeen.

— Yousef Saleh Erakat (@fouseyTUBE) April 10, 2014

Watch the prank:

View this video on YouTube

More pranks from fouseyTUBE (bet you'll hate having his guy as your friend):

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Cause he'll stage a fake car jacking with you in it...

View this video on YouTube

and trick you into eating super hot peppers...

View this video on YouTube

then pull a reverse prank on you and make it seem like you're going to get shanked by your friend's boyfriend...