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    This Guy With Alzheimer's Will Show You What True Love Really Means

    "Even when the mind doesn't remember, the heart always will..."

    "It's amazing what's possible when love becomes an instinct."

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    Melvyn Amrine, a man suffering from Alzheimer's, was reported missing the day before Mother's Day.

    Forty minutes after the report was made, Sgt. Brian Grigsby and Officer Troy Dillard found Melvyn two miles away from his home. And according to one of the officers, Melvyn "was a man on a mission."

    What was his mission you ask? It was simple: Get his wife Doris, whom he's been married to for 60 years, flowers for Mother's Day. / Via

    Melvyn Amrine (right) stands next to his wife Doris (left) on their wedding day.

    So before taking Melvyn back home, the officers made a quick pit stop at a local Krogers.

    One of the officers even helped Melvyn pick out the flowers.

    ...and when Melvyn came up short at the register, one of the officers slipped the cashier the difference.

    Eventually, Melvyn was able to get home safely and hand his wife the bouquet of white roses that he carefully picked out.

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