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Why Two Guys Are Riding Harleys 1,800 Miles, Through 10 States, The Polar Vortx And A Storm Called Titan To Get To SXSW

Mike Hartman and Dave Mihalovic are making a Jersey pilgrimage -- the Longhorn Tomato Motorcycle Run-- that starts in the northern hills and meanders its way to Austin for SxSW, literally heading south and then south-west to attend the yearly festival. Most epic road-trips don't include the risk of frostbite. So why are Dave and Mike doing this the hard way?

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They Really Love Bikes

I mean, when all of those other goofballs are fighting for overhead bin space or squeezing into the middle seat on some twice-delayed flight, Dave and Mike will be pulling to Austin on these. Want to check some hogs of your own? Dave and Mike are being supported/egged on by the guys at Williams Harley Davidson and Garden State Harley-Davidson.

Frigid Temperatures Don't Frighten Them

On the other hand, their hands will likely be pretty frozen for most of the conference, which might limit their ability to play the piano or conduct brain surgery. You've been warned.

They're Racers at Heart

What are they racing? A little winter storm that the folks at the Weather Channel have dubbed "Titan." (Check this map against the one above. This weather system means there's no good way to get from Jersey to Texas.) For the record, Mike and Dave are winning that race. For now.

They Get to Dress Like This:

So rest assured, no matter how polished your fancy boots may look, no matter how flattering your "good" jeans may be, no matter how hip and causal your SXSW wardrobe may seem, these guys will look more badass.

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