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22 Things That Dominated The Internet In 2013

From Miley to Vine, the Internet has seen some crazy (some hilarious, some worrying) trends in 2013 and this is a selection of some of the best.

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6. Dead Giveaway Guy

in May Cleveland resident Charles Ramsey was interviewed after reportedly saving three women who had been in captivity for years. The video quickly became viral and Charles' hilarity crowned him a hero and a song version of the interview also trended.

(Watch the interview here)

7. Bound 3

This one is sort of a double trend. First Kanye West's 'Bound 2' video featuring his wife Kim Kardashian really collapsed online with viewers finding it terrible. Enter Seth Rogan and James Franco who parody the video frame for frame and this time the internet explodes in laughter. Winning. Watch Bound 3 here.

9. Screaming Goats

On February 23rd of this year a video was uploaded of goats who's screams sounded surprisingly like human. Cue an internet explosion of music video's featuring goat screams (especially a certain Taylor Swift song).

11. Breaking Bad

AMC's hit show finished this September and marked the end of a short era for fans. Vince Gilligan's show has become one of the highest rated television shows ever and in a way has changed the face of television. And no doubt but the internet loved it.

14. Jennifer Lawrence

The star of 'The Hunger Games' trilogy became a fan favourite on the internet with her chilled, relaxed and playful attitude, yet all the same she remains to be able to deliver strong opinions on serious issues in society such as the image that the media portrays of women.

15. Doge

Undoubtedly the favourite for the silliest trend of 2013, Doge is simply a trend of pictures of a Shiba Inu dog (known as Shibe) with grammatically horrible captions. So trend. Much 2013. Such fame.

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