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Louis Tomlinson Proves Yet Again That He Is An Extremely Loving, Charitable Man

King Louis has risen and it is time for us all to get down on our knees and praise him.

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On July 28, news broke out that Louis would be hosting the "Cinderella Ball" for Believe In Magic - a charity that makes dreams come true for seriously ill children (basically the Make-A-Wish foundation in the United Kingdom).

Very excited & proud to be hosting an exclusive Cinderella Ball for @Believeinmagicx next month ! Few tickets left:

Most of the tickets to the ball were invite only, but to make the night even more magical, Louis released a few tickets available for purchase to the public. And once the tickets to the ball sold fairly quickly, Louis teamed up with Prizeo and created a contest for fans worldwide to participate in. The grand prize? VIP tickets and Meet-and-Greets to see One Direction in London.

Fancy a trip to meet me and the lads backstage at our concert in London? Support @believeinmagicx to enter!

The day of the grand ball quickly approached, and before we knew it, high quality images and videos of Louis and the little princes and princesses were all over the internet.

Can you believe how adorable and beautiful these princesses looked at the grand ball?!

The ball gowns are on! Everyone is nearly ready for #BelieveInMagicBall! We so excited! ✨

Along with princesses and princes, the king of the night was looking impeccable as well! King Louis was joined by his handsome bandmate Prince Liam Payne on the red carpet, and we cannot even believe how SEXY this duo looked!

Where did the red carpet lead the princes and princesses? To a beautiful, magical castle, of course! Just imagine being in a castle, at the ball, with the finest King Charming of them all...King Louis!

The guests have started to arrive on the red carpet! It's going to be an amazing night! #BelieveInMagicBall

As if Louis and Liam's presence was not entertainment enough, Louis arranged for special guests Dynamomigician and Ben Haenow (X Factor 2014 winner) to captivate the princes and princesses' attention.

The amazing @Dynamomagician is here! We're so excited to see some magic a little later! #BelieveInMagicBall

Thank you to @Bhaenow for performing tonight! He did a surprise cover of Steal My Girl too! #BelieveInMagicBall

King Louis and Queen Johanna (Louis' incredible mother) both made touching speeches at the ball, talking about how fantastic "Believe in Magic" is, and pointing out how dedicated and deserving the leaders of 'Believe in Magic' charity truly are.

From having the guests enter the ball one by one down a flight of stairs, to dancing in the middle of the dance floor and singing along to the Frozen hit 'Let it Go,' guests at the ball received true Cinderella treatment from start to finish.


For the adults entertainment, there were a few items up for bid. The bidding winners left the ball with high personal satisfaction knowing two things: they were winners (which is always a great feeling) AND that their money is going to a GREAT cause.

The boys are bidding to paint each other's faces. via @Phaninator

Louis' money did NOT go to waste! Look at how adorable Liam looked after his face was painted!

Let me hear you ROAR!!! 🐯 #BelieveInMagicBall

From the bidding alone, major profit was being made. Liam Payne donated £25k to 'Believe in Magic' for this red waist coat jacket.

Liam just payed £25K for the red waist coat jacket and Louis looking happy and I LOVE THIS #BelieveInMagicBall

King Louis, we are SO proud to be major fans of you! You did a fantastic job hosting the Cinderella Ball, giving those children and their families memories that will last them a lifetime.

We're just going to sit here and cry over how adorable King Louis, the princes, and the princesses are.

Here is the Prince of the #BelieveInMagicBall @Louis_Tomlinson with Princess Eleanor. @onedirection #eleanorsvoice 💜✨

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