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An Open Letter To Harry Styles

Harry, we appreciate everything you do. Thank you.

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Dear Harry,

Thank you for always putting a smile on our faces.

Thank you for being such a humble, kind, genuine soul. Thank you for always sharing your love and happiness with the world. Thank you for making us feel cherished and make us feel as if we are the most important individuals on the planet.

Thank you for making us laugh.

Your jokes––both the funny ones and the corny ones––brighten up our days. Seeing your eyes brighten up once the joke has been said just adds to our overjoyed reactions. As corny as this sounds, your happiness is contagious. Your happiness makes us want to be happy, no matter how hard of a time we are currently battling. Never stop making jokes in front of crowds or through Twitter. We love and look forward to them.

Thank you for being true to yourself, and inspiring us to be the same.

You are proof that whatever we enjoy, whatever we want to do with ourselves, whatever we aspire to become, is possible. You teach us that despite what other people think, we are capable of anything and everything we set our minds to.

Thank you for the little things that you do.

Thank you for doing something as small as changing the "but" to an "and" in "Little Things." Thank you for blowing kisses to crowds, especially at those lucky individuals who get to walk away knowing that their inspiration––and their idol––acknowledged their existence with a symbol of love. Thank you for sharing peace signs with us, either in person, through social media, or even through images taken by paps. We understand that you are promoting peace and love, and you do not realize how much that means to us.

Thank you for being our sunshine.

We love you so so so SO much. We support everything you do, and we will always be here for you, just like you are always here for us.

Syco Music

Love Always, Your Fans (especially those of us who see you as our sunshine)

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